Best buddies to change your cable gender

1Habitually we see the changes in the standardization of Audio/Video/Data communication ports on the development boards and the monitor displays, The older standards like VGA, DVI and their variants are being ruled out and replaced by HDMI and DisplayPort (including its variants; HDMI-Mini, HDMI-Micro), but still there are plenty of peripherals with the older ports, however, and finding the correct adapter to suit your needs can be tricky.


Sanatana Techtronics offers a variety of adapters for connecting different peripherals. If you are looking to find the right adapters to change your cable genders, land into a link below. 


5These fully plug and play method has gained a great deal of popularity and is a relatively inexpensive option. If you have any queries write us a mail at, For more updates on products stay tuned to

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Getting started with LPC1343

hands on experience with LPC1343

The Cortex-M3′s Blueboard LPC1343 is a board featuring a high level of integration in terms of both performance and power usage, and also the price to afford them.

With us the Cortex-M3 exists in two flavors as stamp board and the blueboard for the two end users; the stamp board has an on-board USB JTAG Debugger which makes you don’t need to buy another JTAG Emulator and all the GPIOs are extended for developmental applications. Blueboard is the one which is ideally suitable for training, hobbyist and for developmental purposes where you get all the necessary hardware’s in a single board to test the functionality that ease your learning curve and speed up your program development.

In addition, the software examples accompanied with the kit will be convenient for you to evaluate the functions of the NXP LPC1343 processor and ease your development.

Here is an Application Note helps you getting started with LPC1343

Download (PDF, 5.73MB)

Product link:

Sample Codes

Let us know if we can provide you with more information. Feel free to contact us @ for any support and sales queries.

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