Distributor for Beagleboard.org products in INDIA

thumbs-upWe are happy to announce Sanatana Techtronics now a distributor of beagleboard.org products in India. The ‘beagleboard.org’ distribution has opened a door for us to bring more of our vision to reality.

Beagleboard.org has shaped a number of open source products from the initial ‘Beagleboard’ to the recent launch of the ‘Beaglebone-black’, bringing high performance ARM-based processing technology to a wide community of developers and users in a very economical approach to the users.

The Beagles are open source boards with full-size functionality in small bodies, can be used for all kinds of applications you’ve been tinkering with.

Distributor for Beagleboard.org products in INDIAClick the below link for the list of products by manufactures.

Beagle products

Let us know if we can provide you with more information. Feel free to contact us @info@sanatanatech.com for any support and sales queries.


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