Best buddies to change your cable gender

1Habitually we see the changes in the standardization of Audio/Video/Data communication ports on the development boards and the monitor displays, The older standards like VGA, DVI and their variants are being ruled out and replaced by HDMI and DisplayPort (including its variants; HDMI-Mini, HDMI-Micro), but still there are plenty of peripherals with the older ports, however, and finding the correct adapter to suit your needs can be tricky.


Sanatana Techtronics offers a variety of adapters for connecting different peripherals. If you are looking to find the right adapters to change your cable genders, land into a link below. 


5These fully plug and play method has gained a great deal of popularity and is a relatively inexpensive option. If you have any queries write us a mail at, For more updates on products stay tuned to

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Way to fix a broken IC pin



It is not a good practice to remove an IC from its socket with our hands, It may cause the pins to bend or break; as shown below

Broken IC

with little experience of soldering, you can reuse the IC !!!

IC 8

I have followed these steps to fix it, First i have straightened the bent legs with the help of tweezers as shown.

IC 2     IC 3

What if you don’t have the broken IC pin?, you can cut-down the LED/capacitor/Diode/Damaged-IC legs or a piece of copper to solder it. Prefer the one which sits strong into the IC base. I got a scrap IC base and legs looks similar to the IC pins so removed one of the leg to use it.

IC 5

removed one IC base leg with the help of tweezers

IC 6

IC 7

trimmed it with the help of cutter

Sometimes you may not get more support area to solder, in that case you carve the plastic around the broken pin with a sharp knife

IC 9

IC 10

soldered to the broken leg

Hurray!!! its fixed and reused for application.

Don’t solder a pin for a long time, IC get overheated and may get burnt.
If you feel the joint is not getting soldered, then try applying some flux.
You can use any other sophisticated tools if available or a screwdriver to pluck the ICs.

CT-620          screw

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Getting started with LPC1343

hands on experience with LPC1343

The Cortex-M3′s Blueboard LPC1343 is a board featuring a high level of integration in terms of both performance and power usage, and also the price to afford them.

With us the Cortex-M3 exists in two flavors as stamp board and the blueboard for the two end users; the stamp board has an on-board USB JTAG Debugger which makes you don’t need to buy another JTAG Emulator and all the GPIOs are extended for developmental applications. Blueboard is the one which is ideally suitable for training, hobbyist and for developmental purposes where you get all the necessary hardware’s in a single board to test the functionality that ease your learning curve and speed up your program development.

In addition, the software examples accompanied with the kit will be convenient for you to evaluate the functions of the NXP LPC1343 processor and ease your development.

Here is an Application Note helps you getting started with LPC1343

Download (PDF, 5.73MB)

Product link:

Sample Codes

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How to use breadboard

Breadboard is a piece of hardware prototype stage for designing and building electronic devices. It allows you to build an electronic circuit without any soldering  instead, you poke your components and wires into the small contact holes arranged in rows and column connected by lines of metal, then you can connect your components together with single strand wires or breadboarding wires to form your circuit.

prototype stage for designing and building electronic devices

This is how the holes are interconnected electrically.Breadboard

  • Electrical connection remains same for the (1), (4) and (2), (3).
  • In (1), (4) rows are linked horizontally.
  • In (2), (3) columns are linked vertically.
  • There is no interconnection between (1), (4).
  • There is interconnection between the rows in (1), (4).
  • There is no interconnection between the columns in (2), (3).
  • There is no interconnection between (2), (3).
  • Usually (1), (4) is used for power supply connections as we find many supply points in the circuits.


If you want to make use of the entire row you need to short a jumper wire as shown in the figure belowBreadboard

Example Application: 



  • Current and voltage limits – 100mA, 50V.
  • Contact wear-out – While building circuits make sure the wire pokes into the holes strongly.

Product links:

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A spec comparison of ARM controllers – LPC1114 vs LPC1343 vs LPC1768


Comprehensive list of economical ARM boards can be found in our previous blog post. By way of comparison, here’s a table of the fast moving boards with the specification based on an ARM microcontroller. These boards are available for purchase in a single unit quantity.

A spec comparison of ARM controllers – LPC1114 vs LPC1343 vs LPC1768

Feel free to leave a comment containing the corrections, for more information about the boards contact us at

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Available ARM boards at Sanatana Techtronics

One stop solution for the ARM microcontroller based boards aiming to offer the development platform with efficacy and reducing the risk taking factor in testing and evaluating the functionality.baseball_cap_blue1We support for a series of ARM controllers start with ARM7, Cortex M0, Cortex M3 and Cortex M4 . For more information about each family, please click the product catalog link below.


Download (PDF, 1.08MB)

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Sanatana Techtronics is now an official distributor for NGX Technologies products in India.

Sanatana Techtronics is now an official distributor for NGX Technologies products in India.


NGX Technologies is a leading supplier of development boards for the ARM7, ARM Cortex-M0, M3 and M4 series of microcontrollers. NGX provides groundbreaking designs for embedded systems with innovative and cost effective solutions.

For more information take a tour on products from NGX Technologies.

In the coming months, Sanatana Techtronics customers can expect more great deals on leading products and services.

Let us know if we can provide you with more information. Feel free to contact us @ for any support and sales queries.

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Welcome to Sanatana Techtronics!!!

Sanatana techtronicsSanatana Techtronics is a company supporting by a team of developers, designers, hackers, specialized problem solvers, practical analysts, working around the clock to make Sanatana Techtronics the best providers of Electronic Development Tools and services in the universe.

Our customers make us who we are    

Our service keeps things simple by minimizing the decision making process for the consumer. We carefully weigh a lot of factors: safety, efficacy, design, affordability, environmental attributes, simplicity, customers from all the fields, Offering great customer service and in-store experiences.

Think less feel more , Let the feel of shopping do the talking.

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